Nutritional facts / serving

  • Kcal 461
  • Pro 15g
  • Carbs 74g
  • Fat 11g

How to make this recipe


150g of rolled oats
400ml semi skimmed milk
1 tbsp. cocoa nibs
1 banana sliced
50g blueberries
1 tbsp. chia seeds

The oats and bananas are both good sources of slow release carbohydrates, which help build reserves of glycogen that provide energy for swimming. 

The milk and seeds provide protein to support muscle growth, repair and recovery. Blueberries are rich in anti-oxidants that boost the immune system.

This dish is quick and easy to prepare which is vital for swimmers who traditionally swim early in the morning.

Benefits: Fuel a swim session.


Warm the oats and milk together (in a pan or microwave), stirring regularly, to make porridge.  Transfer to two bowls. 

In each one stir in the blueberries and chia seeds.  Slice and add the banana and sprinkle with cocoa nibs.