Nutritional facts / serving

  • Kcal 427
  • Pro 27g
  • Carbs 10g
  • Fat 29g

How to make this recipe


Serves 2

300ml Greek yoghurt
100g almonds
2 tbsp. chia seeds
50g blueberries

Keeping a low body mass and low body fat is particularly advantageous in gymnastics, so nutrient rich, lean recovery snacks are an important part of their diet.

Using low fat Greek yoghurt makes this an ideal recovery meal for gymnasts. The nuts and seeds are packed full of important vitamins and minerals that support muscle recovery and the immune system.

The Greek yoghurt and nuts and seeds are all high in protein, with a broad amino acid profile, to optimise muscle repair. The yoghurt and certain nuts and seeds such as chia seeds and almonds, are also rich in calcium which support bone development and repair.

The natural sugars found in the berries and yoghurt will provide a source of carbohydrates to support the immune system and start to replenish muscle energy stores.


Benefits: Stay lean recovery snack.



Crush almonds in a food processor to form the base, layer with yoghurt, top with berries and sprinkle with chia seeds.