Totally Nutty Smoothie

Nutritional facts / serving

  • Kcal 710
  • Pro 26g
  • Carbs 33g
  • Fat 54g

This is packed full of bone building nutrients such as calcium from the yoghurt and milk, vitamin K from the kale and magnesium, zinc and phosphorous from the various nuts.

If made with banana and oats, this can be used as a quick pre-training breakfast or meal, as these foods add in extra good quality sources of carbohydrates to help fuel the muscles for fast, explosive movements.

Being liquid, this smoothie will prevent feelings of fullness and will contribute to a good hydration status.

Benefits: Improve bone health


1 handful kale, washed thoroughly
25g almonds
25g Brazil nuts
25g walnuts
1 tbsp. honey


Blend all of the ingredients together.

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Nile Wilson
Nile Wilson is an artistic gymnast from Leeds who made history when he became the first Briton to win an Olympic medal in the horizontal bar by claiming bronze at Rio 2016.

Nile was first British gymnast ever to win five gold medals at the European Junior Gymnastics Champi…
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